Awwws Kitty

Algebra has had a hard couple of days as evidenced by the photo above.  She went to the vet on Tuesday for surgery and within a few hours of picking her up yesterday she'd pulled out almost all of her sutures.  So we picked up this awesome collar from the vet and she's had it on for most of the day yesterday and today.  It also messes with her balance and along with the pain killers from the vet, she's one pathetic little kitty.  She's back at the vet today getting the sutures redone and an antibiotic shot to help prevent infection.

Poor kitty has also had to do an unusual amount of riding in cars these last few days.  Since she wasn't doing well with the sutures and collar yesterday, we had to take her with us when we helped Allie move in to school. She actually does remarkably well in the car and doesn't really fuss or cry; she just spent the time sitting on my lap trying not to randomly fall off because of her less than stellar balance.

Between getting ready for college move in day and cleaning up the house a bit it's been insanely busy the last few days, but it's so refreshing to be able to be busy and active, especially outside, without the hot desert sun beating down on us.  We've actually been cold during the nights when it's gotten down into the low 60s and high 50s (that's 15-17 C for all you international readers).  It's been months since we've seen temperatures that cold.

In other news, Steve has successfully gotten a job! Super yay!  We'll be moving to Michigan, starting apartment hunting, and browsing for furniture for said apartment over the next week or so.  I still haven't had much luck, but hopefully that will improve soon.