Kandy: British Garrison Cemetery and Royal Palace Park

Two more Kandy sites today, the British Garrison Cemetery and the Royal Palace Park.  Both of these were nice places to visit, albeit out of the way.  They were both tucked in among other busier sites with the cemetery behind the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, and the Royal Palace Park located up at the top of a very steep climb.

Almost all (or all of) the gravestones in the British cemetery were from the 1800s and showed various states of wear and tear.

Many of the graves were for multiple children of the same family, and many of them died as children, 

This is the island in the middle of Kandy Lake. From what we read, the old kings used this island as a personal retreat, complete with many pretty young women.

A Japanese field gun from World War II displayed in the Royal Palace Park.

The park was a VERY popular destination for couples. We tried not to take pictures of them, but they were all around the park. It didn't look like they were making out, but almost every bench was taken by a couple.

There were ducks running around in the green space around the small pond where the gun was displayed.  We weren't sure if they were pets or just passing by for some food, but they were fun to watch anyway.

View of the Golden Roof from the park.

Steve next to one of the many massive trees in the park. Steve says these reminded him of the Sitka Spruce he saw in the northwest of the USA.

This fountain topper amused Steve, especially from this angle because it looks like the swan is choking on the red pipe and the little angel is trying to strangle the swan.

A view of a nearby peak.

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