About Us

Abby and Steve started blogging in September 2010 shortly after moving to Saudi Arabia.  While our primary goal was to have an outlet to share photos and stories with our families, we hope that everyone enjoys reading about our experiences.

We met while in college and got engaged in January of 2010.  Steve worked as a mechanical engineer for a year while Abby finished her degree in Chemical Engineering.  We were married in May of 2010 weeks before graduating.   

After an exciting summer interning and traveling long distances to visit each other, we went on our honeymoon at the end of July 2010, just before moving overseas.  We currently live in Saudi Arabia while Abby completes a Master's Degree in Chemical Engineering.  When he's not navigating the vicious HR department at a local company, Steve is working around the house, tutoring at the local elementary school, and gardening to stay occupied.  Every now and then, he manages to turn himself into low ranking royalty.  Job searching here has taught us a lot about the differences in culture between the Saudi's and Americans.

In October, we adopted Algebra, quite possibly the cutest little kitten you've ever seen.  Since joining our house, she's enjoyed terrorizing the furniture and climbing places she doesn't belong.  Abby loves taking her out for walks on a leash, and surprisingly, Algebra doesn't seem to mind.

For Eid-al Adha in November we spent eight days in Cairo, Egypt.  You can read all about those adventures on our travel page.  A month later, we ended the semester and got a four week break.  After debating long and hard about where to go, we ended up spending two weeks in Athens, Greece.  For spring break in April 2011, we spent nine days in Italy, visiting Milan, Florence, and Pisa.  Our most recent trip, in May 2011 was 17 days in Sri Lanka.

One of Abby's favorite experiences so far has been snorkeling the Red Sea and listening to Jay Shafer and Hans Rosling speak, all on the same day!

We hope you enjoy reading about whatever crazy experiences we manage to have in the future!

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