Simple DIY Pajama Pants

Another sewing project reporting for duty!  Going an entire year sans sewing machine has given me a drive to use it whenever I can (although a full time job seems to be getting in the way lately!).  It's so fun to turn a few pieces of fabric into something awesome and useful.

The extent of my experience sewing clothes has been a bit of hemming because my pants are always too long.  Not that I was going to let lack of experience stop me from trying out a tutorial for flannel sleeping pants.  Making clothes is very easily more expensive than buying them, so I had to figure out if it was even going to be worthwhile to make them.  Replacing with pants from Old Navy was about $10, which is hard to beat, but the colors and patterns available were pretty slim.  Making pants ended up being less expensive only because there was a great 60% off sale on flannel at Joanns, which meant that a yard was only $3.  I ended up using 2 3/4 yards for me and 3 yards for Steve.

The tutorial I used from My Cotton Creations was really straight forward and it was very easy to do!

This is the fabric Steve chose. The first step is to line up the pattern (an old pair of pants) and cut out the fabric.

This is how the top band ended up.  Originally I skipped the elastic band and just had the drawstring, but I had to go back and add the elastic because they did not stay up well without it.

My new pants finished.  Steve's aren't done yet, or I'd show those too!