Fat Quarter Purse

This is a cute little purse I made using two fat quarters and a few quilting scraps.  It's a bit small for me to use, but I bet a little girl would love carrying around something this size!

The tutorial came from make and takes, and as long as you can do basic sewing skills you can easily make this!  I did make a few changes because I didn't have the ribbon recommended to use for the handles and the contrasting band.  Instead I substituted some fabric scraps left over from my first quilt.  I basically made two tubes of fabric for the handles and then sewed two lines down each handle (before attaching!) to give it a bit of stability.

Since I wandered down my own path a bit with this project, whenever I got stuck I stopped and looked at one of my fabric purses that I love to see how I could emulate it.  So if you get stuck, just look around for a similar project and see if you can use that for inspiration!

I even has a cute little pocket on the inside!