Getting a Driver's License at NAIAS

Well I've gone and done it; I'm now an official resident of Michigan.  Over the last few months I've had so many chances to go to the Secretary of State's office and get my license, but everyone I've ever talked to had horrible things to say about the experience, so naturally I procrastinated as long as possible.

The only motivation I had for getting my license was the upcoming election.  I already missed the elections in November because I never arranged to get a mail in ballot for ohio and I didn't want to miss another chance.

If it weren't for our recent trip to the North America International Auto Show (pictures coming soon!) I probably would have put it off even longer.  While we were walking down the main hallway outside the show room I saw the Secretary of State's booth and stopped in to see what it would take to get my license.  I didn't have any of the necessary documentation to do it so it looked like a bust initially, but then they said they would be open weekdays until 8pm, including MLK day!  The guys working the booth even told me it was the only SOS branch that would be open on the holiday.

It worked out well to drive back the next day after work since the cobo center is only about 5 miles from work.  Getting my license was so quick and easy.  There was NO line to wait in!  The hardest part of the whole ordeal was trying to drive out of downtown Detroit during prime rush hour.  I swear I drove the same circle of blocks three or four times before I finally figured out how to get on the highway.  I even had the gps with me, making it even more blush worthy.

Now after five months, I'm officially a voting Michigan resident.

Go Ohio State?