DIY Wall Art

Here's another (mostly) finished project, this time I turned the blank wall in our bedroom into a mini gallery:

The painted ship is from our trip to Greece, the temple canvas is from Greece too, but it's a photo I had printed on canvas from Canvas on Demand (highly recommended!!).  The two smaller photographs are from Pisa and the water treatment plant in Saudi Arabia, and the four hand water colored paintings were made for me by Allie after Algebra ruined the first set.  The empty frame is supposed to have a print in it, but I need to find someone to print it for me.  I would love to get it printed on rag paper, but I'm not sure that's feasible.

The three white frames are from my grandmother and are actually supposed to be spray painted black,  but I lost my steam on those in the fall after I had primed them.  By the time I was ready to get them finished it was way to cold outside to spray paint, so they'll have to get finished in the spring.  The wooden frame was also supposed to get primed and spray painted, but it ended up back in the stack of reject frames and got forgotten about instead.  The three black frames I bought from Target after I decided to get this project (mostly) finished.

I really thought I wanted all of the frames to be painted black, but now I think I'm really enjoying the random assortment of frames and colors up on the wall.