DIY Ornament Display

As a child my family had a wonderful tradition of exchanging handmade christmas ornaments between all of our cousins.  I remember as a kid pouring over craft magazines trying to figure out the perfect ornament to make.  With the addition of nine ornaments each year, I've accumulated quite a few lovely ornaments and since I got my own tree in high school, I've used these ornaments to decorate.  Now that Steve and I are combining our christmas ornaments and decorations, there isn't room on the tree for all of them.

I didn't want to keep them all in storage so I have them on display in the craft room.  On pinterest, I found this image which gave me the idea to have them on display:
originally from A Diamond in the Stuff

Some of the ornaments don't hang, so they're sitting out on the sideboard table in the craft room.

I used ribbon to create a place to hang them all on the wall.

This is a great way for me to display these, and after christmas is over I look forward to replacing them with photographs to hang from the ribbons as seen in the middle picture below:

from pinterest