DIY Marbled Ornaments

Along with our newly acquired store bought ornaments for the tree, I wanted to try making some as well so I got a few packages of clear, glass ornaments to decorate.

I found a few pictures of other painted ornaments to give me some inspiration and then just gave it a go to see what I could create.

These beautiful hand painted ornaments represented the general look I was going for.

I loved the solid colors of these ornaments, and used some of the same colors in mine.

I used regular acrylic paint and squeezed small amounts of the paint into the ornaments and let them swirl around to mix and cover the whole ornament.

In the blue/white ornament I alternated blue and white stripes and then rotated the ball to cover inside completely.  With the blue/pink and pink/white I added all of one color and swirled it around before adding the second color to the bulb.

My only disappointment with these is that as they dried and the excess paint pooled in the bottom they lost a lot of the really fine marbling details.  I should have turned them upside down over paper cups immediately after finishing them to let the paint drip out not into the bottom.

These are the only three I made, since I didn't want to buy too many different bottles of paint, but I can definitely see myself making more of these in the future!