DIY Glitter Ornaments

The glitter ornaments I made for christmas were absolutely my favorite ornaments this year.  I love glitter, but I hate how messy it can be when the glitter is glued on the outside of ornaments or decorations.  Hobby Lobby had a lot of really cute glitter decorations for christmas, but they were all molting glitter all over the place, so no thank you.  The last thing I need to be vacuuming christmas glitter in July.

So, I found a great tutorial from Greenbean's Crafterole on pinterest (of course) that has the glitter on the inside of the ornaments.

I started by making just one to see how well it would turn out and so that I wouldn't ruin a whole package of clear ornaments if it turned out icky.

The hardest part of the entire process was finding Pledge Floor Care with Future Shine.  I knew it was most likely to be at walmart (that's where greenbean found hers) but we don't have one near us.  I searched high and low at all sorts of stores trying to find some, but ended up resorting to calling my mom and having her get it from their walmart.  Crazy.

All I had to do was squirt a bit of the floor wax into the ornaments and swirl them around to get the whole surface wetted and then I used a paper funnel to pour in some glitter.  I used a multi pack of glitter from joanns and made on in each color.

The are so beautiful, shiny, and glittery.  I just love them.

I have half a mind to make a hundred or so more, because really what am I going to do with the rest of the bottle of floor wax? I don't have any floors that need waxed and you can't even tell that I used any of it!