Cute Easy Halloween Decor

I’m not much of an autumn lover and that’s especially true this year because I’m constantly freezing!  I did manage to get a few Halloween decorations put up around the apartment before November showed up, although barely.

I tried to stick with a few simple ideas that wouldn’t be too hard or costly, so I made pumpkin bunting and some orange and black zig zag streamers (a la Oh Happy Day!).  I used cardstock for the streamers, and I think they might have stretched better with regular paper instead.

We also got a pumpkin from the farmer’s market, but we didn't do anything with it. I wanted to try painting it instead, kind of like these two, but it just never happened.  It might just happen yet, since it won't decompose nearly as quickly as carved pumpkins do and we don't seem to have pumpkin smashers around the neighborhood.

Sadly, we only had one trick or treater this year, and that's only because they ran into Steve as he was coming home and he told them we had candy to hand out.