Crafting Frenzy: Rice Heating Pad

As part of my post quilt crafting frenzy, I made four new projects and the most ingenious one was this rice heating pad.  I've been pondering solutions to my cold feet and thought about buying moccasins to help keep my feet warm during the day, but I also wanted a way to keep my toes warm at night too.  An electric blanket also crossed my mind, but they're a bit expensive turns out.

When I stumbled across this rice pillow tutorial by wisecraft I had a huge duh moment.  I couldn't believe that I hadn't thought of this on my own.

I used an old top sheet and a piece of scrap fabric to whip up a little 9" x 6 1/2" rice filled heating pad.  I also got to use a different stitch length on my sewing machine.  I used one of the finest stitch lengths on the inside shell to keep the rice from coming out.

I've used it every night since I made it and not only does it work like a charm, the warm rice smells lovely too!