On the Walls

One of the hardest parts about moving into a new space is feeling like it's really yours and we like to combat that feeling by getting stuff up on the walls.  So over the last week I've been working on getting some color and fun up on our poorly painted white walls.

Thanks to Allie we have our canvases from Greece stretched.  No more ridiculous thumb tacks holding them to the walls, yay!

Across the doorway from this painting are our masks from Sri Lanka.

And if you look through to the kitchen, I hung up one of my favorite posters.  This was part of the British culture event back in March and I tracked down the event coordinator and convinced him to let me have this poster.  I really wanted it to be framed instead of thumb tacked to the wall, but with everything else going on to get the apartment spruced up new poster frames are a low priority.

In the living room we hung up this poster of Delicate Arch, from a hiking trip Steve and I took a few years ago. 

I also hung my favorite new clock up in the living room.  We had one like this in college and it was always a great conversation starter.

The second bedroom is coming along slowly, but I did put up a clock and our diplomas. 

The only thing I've done in the bedroom so far is to add my name blocks to the dresser, but there is a lot to go on the wall, I'm just still in the process of getting it all ready for hanging.  We're hopefully going to end up with a collection of prints, paintings and photos hanging on the wall across from the bed since the wall is completely empty right now.