Homemade Applesauce

Making grape juice a couple weeks ago was so much fun that I really wanted to try making something else, and being fall, apples are in abundance so I thought applesauce or apple butter would be good options.  Both store well frozen, so I don't need to worry about diving into the world of canning; we'll leave that for next year perhaps.

As with grape juice, I got my applesauce recipe from Simply Recipes and again it worked great.  I started with 24 pounds of Jonagold apples so I could have made about 2 1/4 gallons of applesauce.  To start I only made one batch using 4 pounds of apples and that made about six cups of applesauce.

Again, as with the grape juice the whole process was made considerably easier with the core colander I've not so temporarily borrowed from my mom.  Because I had this, there was no need to peel the apples, saving considerable amounts of time.

I only used about half the sugar called for in the recipe and probably would reduce the lemon juice in any future batches.  The best part about this was how quick it was to make; it cooked for about 25 minutes and coring the apples didn't take long either.

This probably isn't the most cost effective use of time or apples considering store-bought applesauce is so cheap, but I think the overall quality was much higher and it ends up exactly as sweet as I like.