Easy Ikea Upgrade

Sprucing up an Ikea clock that probably cost less than $10 to begin with doesn't seem like the most effective use of time.  In this case though, I needed a clock and already had one even though it wasn't quite what I wanted.  So I decided a few coats of spray paint was all that would be necessary to improve it.  I used Rustoleum's flat black paint and hopefully can use the rest of the can on a future project.  This ended up being a really quick, simple project too, which is always nice when trying something new.

I started by taking apart the clock and cleaning the plastic frame.  After a few thin coats of paint on the front, I decided to do a few on the back as well because it was just a touch too transparent.

The original blue peaking out against the new black spray paint.

I let it dry overnight before putting it back together just to make sure everything was hardened and ready for reassembly.

Putting the clock back together was almost the hardest part of the project.  It took a couple of tries to fit it all together and to get it to start again.

I decided to leave off the plastic cover because it was pretty scratched and I liked the nice crisp look of no plastic.

I'd really like to be able to do some more spray painting in the near future, but I've got two main problems to work out.  The weather is quickly becoming regularly crappy, and I can't paint if it's going to rain for days on end.  And a bigger problem is I need to figure out how to better cover the sidewalk when I do spray painting because I've left more than a little paint on the sidewalks, and I cannot imagine that makes management happy.