Weekend Cabin + More Camera Time

Back in March, for my mom's birthday, they found a little cabin on a lot of land down in southeast Ohio and have spent the spring and summer getting it fixed up and enjoying the quiet solitude of the wilderness.  The whole thing is pretty rudimentary at this point as it doesn't have any utilities or running water, but mom's had fun learning about creative technologies to get these things hooked up eventually.

Last weekend we drove down and spent the day working on the extension their building.  It's going to be a bedroom and a bathroom, since the only bedroom right now is in the loft.

With an early start (we left around 6 am) a tasty portable breakfast was totally necessary.  While they weren't my homemade apple turnovers, they were still delicious.  If you couldn't tell, I once again got to drool over Allie's Canon Rebel T2i like I did a few weeks ago.

This might be one of my favorite pictures ever.

No cabin is complete without some creepy crawly bugs, and the crickets were all over.  You couldn't walk through the meadow without disturbing them with each step.

This bug was huge.  I don't know what it was, but it's size was pretty impressive. 

This is the progress they'd made in the previous weeks.  The subfloor and framing were all done and we were hoping to get the roof up and get the rest of the barn siding up. 

Having some fun! 

Allie didn't last long, she ended up like this by about 10am where she stayed until we woke her up for lunch. In her defense, she now works two jobs along with college full time and extracurriculars, so slack was cut.

Dad and Steve were working on securing one of the corners which hadn't been fully secured when they did the framing. 

What a cutie! 

Pneumatic nail gun!  Since we don't have electricity, we had a big generator to run some of the power tools. Steve really enjoyed working with the nail gun.

Mom watches hopefully; this is her retirement getaway, and she's been enjoying it thoroughly.

Dad got a turn with the nail gun too! 

Unfortunately after running only one line of nails, something went terribly wrong with the generator.  It was leaking gasoline and both Steve and dad couldn't figure out where or how to get it fixed.  That put a big damper on our plans since most of the power tools run from the generator.

So we switched to putting up the barn siding. 

Making faces! 

Despite the appearance, I did actually help.  I really like drills and got to help put up the siding and work on another project, which we'll share more about tomorrow.