New Apartment

It was almost a year ago when we showed you our first Saudi apartment, and now we've moved on to our first apartment in the US. It's been a huge task getting everything ready and actually moving. I once again feel like I've been tossed into the adulthood ring, and it's not a fight I'm loving so far. The sheer number of decisions we've had to make, and the money that has gone with it has been exhausting and I'm ready to just settle and live in the apartment for awhile before anything else major comes along. So, here's the scoop on our new digs. We looked at a bunch of different apartment complexes and one awesome old house before deciding on this complex. Even though our apartment is on the second floor, it's turning out alright, but moving everything up the stairs was a big challenge.

The living room still needs a bit more work, but this is the basic layout for now.  Unfortunately that's the only wall we can put the tv on, so we're pretty limited on ways to arrange the furniture.  The sofa was probably the worst part of moving in because if you've ever moved a sleeper sofa you know exactly how heavy they are.  It took three people to get it up the stairs and it almost didn't fit through the door!  Totally worth it though because it was dirt cheap and it's in really great shape; let's just hope we don't move again anytime soon!

Our little dining area.  All of the furniture here is from Steve's grandmother so thankfully that saved us some dough, and the china cabinet gives us some nice storage for the larger appliances.

The china cabinet is even kitten approved!

The kitchen is pretty small, but with a dishwasher and a microwave it's hard to complain.  The one big downfall is that there are only two drawers, which has proved to be a bit challenging.  Between what Steve and I already had and what we were gifted at the wedding, there was very little we had to buy for the kitchen, although we still need to pick up a trashcan, hence the plastic bag hanging from the cabinet.

The main bedroom.  We painted the wall Gem Turquoise the first weekend we moved in and it looks great!  I love the new white furniture and although finding a coverlet that worked with the wall color was a bit challenging, we picked up this one at Target and it fits in nicely.  The pillows are a bit of a hodge podge collection, so we'll have to see about new ones in the future.

We had the dresser at the end of the bed originally, but it was such a tight squeze that I think I prefer this layout better.

The bathroom is pretty standard; we painted one wall Polished Silver and I'm still debating whether to paint the L shape wall around the shower or not.

The second bedroom is currently a bit of a mess (to say the least) but hopefully it will straighten out in the next week or so and be a nice craft/hobby room.

So far the most challenging part has been getting used to the vertical blinds.  We aren't allowed to take them down, unfortunately, but I'm strongly considering finding a way to hang a curtain rod over top of them, because opening and closing the blinds everyday is a huge pain.