Cabin Part Deux

After a fun filled and slightly disappointing morning at the cabin, we moved on to bigger and better projects.

Like holding up posts!  I'm not really holding it up, these are the posts for the new deck.  So far there isn't anything beyond the posts, but with winter approaching a real roof has higher priority.
(Photo by Allie, who's got a lovely little blog with a great name, if only she updated more!) 

Allie went all artsy and took pictures of powertools, and dang she makes powertools look pretty.

This is mom's new (to her) cast iron claw foot bathtub.  It's sitting in the back yard until the bathroom extension is done, which makes sense right tubs in the yard in southeastern Ohio.

Relaxing in the hammock left by the last owners.  Great for one person, a hazard for two let me tell you! 

And look, Allie back to sleep in the car. 

Mom sitting and lamenting her broken generator.  She really wanted to get the roof up.

When you've got a meadow the size of a football field (or bigger) you need some serious power to get it mowed, especially when it's approaching three feet high.  Mom's tractor is just the tool, although it was a bit funny to watch her learn how to drive it!

Having the tractor sit open in the field is what inspired the afternoon part of the project, a Garage in a box.  She needed a decent way to store it so that it was better covered and less visible to someone wandering through.

So we worked and worked on getting all the pieces together in almost the right places. (Photo by Allie)

About 2/3 through I just had to lay down and lounge in the sun.  It had finally warmed up in the afternoon, and after a morning of three layers, being warm was glorious.  This winter is positively going to freeze me; there's no way I'm going to get used to being so cold here. (Photo by Allie)

Progress the roof frame is getting higher off the ground. (Photo by Allie)

And there was plenty of time for goofing around. 

And funny faces. 

It took a lot longer than expected, nearly 3 or 4 hours to get the whole thing together, but that's mostly because there was a lot of putting together to take apart, and we weren't even making mistakes!  There's still one more to put up but there just wasn't enough daylight to get them both done in one day. 

This was my trip down.  A great book, and some serious heartburn.  Lisa See has written a bunch of other books that I look forward to exploring in the future.

By 7pm it was time for dinner, which closely resembled lunch but with more chicken (not for me).

Steve likes chicken.

And Allie does too, at least she did before she started working at Chick-fil-a.

After dinner we packed everything up, including the generator and drove back home.  Thankfully, I didn't ride with the generator, but I heard that it was gaseous.  They drove with the windows down the entire way home.

So that was our weekend at the cabin.  It looks like we'll have several more before it gets too cold to work.