Camera Envy

I doubt that many or any of you noticed the improved photo quality from our previous post about poor Algebra, but to me the improvement is significant.  I've been using a mid/high end point and shoot since 2008 and have strongly been contemplating an upgrade to a dSLR.  One of the benefits of having a photography major for a sister is that I got to test drive her dSLR a Canon EOS Rebel T2i with an f1.8 prime lens when we were back in Ohio last week. For the last few months (ie a year) I've been trying to rationalize a camera upgrade and I foolishly thought that some aspects I was lacking were a result of technical skill instead of not equipment, but after using a significantly better camera, I can tell that I was wrong.  After figuring out the basics of the controls it didn't take long before I was shooting like I have wanted to for months.

Yes these are just feet, but the control over depth of field (the sharpness and blur) is what I've been looking for and just can't get from my current camera.

Another example of Allie's awesome camera.

I'm certain now that a camera upgrade is in the imminent future, but I do suppose that it should wait until after we've settled into our new apartment (still not found yet).  I've narrowed it down to either the Canon EOS 60D or the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  Until then I'll just have to settle for a serious case of camera envy.