Analog Clocks and Cheap Ice Cream

It dawned on me as Algebra was sitting, staring at the analog clock on the wall, that she's likely never seen one before.  For almost a year, we lived with only a few digital clocks, and it was a huge irritation.  I love clocks and to easily be able to tell what time it is.  Thankfully, we've now got a backwards clock, a throwback to the good old college days when we had one hanging in our dorm room.

We've been positively busy since we got home, and it has been awesome.  It's so nice and cool, one day I even wore long sleeves outside for most of the day!  We've mostly unpacked in our temporary living space, and Algebra has settled in nicely, although the other family cats don't seem to have any affection towards her.

Some of the weeks grand but simple joys have included

Visiting the local farmer's market and making peach cobbler from our finds
Finally seeing HP 7 part deux (totally worth the wait)
Visiting the local ice cream shop for a butterfinger clipper (fulfilling my need for traditional ice cream and a butterfinger bar)
Cleaning like a madwoman and visiting goodwill twice in the same day
Replacing a microwave and a dishwasher for my parents (all Steve there)

I'm still amazed on a daily basis how easy and cheap most things are here.  A trip to goodwill took 10 minutes, a trip to the store for cough drops took 5 minutes and less than $2, ice cream wasn't $8 for one liter!  Life is so much easier to enjoy when all of the small aspects of life aren't a hassle.  On the other hand, there are so many tasty junk snacks that are now so easy and cheap to get!

We're driving up for an afternoon baseball game today, and then a week of who knows what, but hopefully some crafting!