Would you wait at the register because the cashier forgot to give you change? Would you do it if it were only 53 cents?  That's what happened to me today at the grocery.  The cashier had forgotten to give change to the guy before me, so he stood there and waited until my transaction was over (so the drawer would be reopened) to get his change.  It ended up being 2 SAR which is 53 cents.  I made the comment that he was very patient to wait for such a small amount of change, and he replied that it was enough for a tank of gas in his motorcycle.  How's that for perspective.  Sure he could have walked away and written it off as incompetent workers, but instead he waited and got his gas money back.

I probably would have waited too, but I would have done it because I was owed the money, not because I felt it was worth waiting for.

My first summer class is almost over, and hopefully when it is, that will give me enough time to get some pictures ready to share.  I haven't forgotten, I've just been swamped.