Kandy: Tooth Temple Part Deux

Here is the second half of the pictures from the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. Half one here if you missed them.

The golden roof of the temple.  It gets really shiny when the sun is out!

Walking around the moat, and it started to rain.

View down the moat towards the entrance.

Entrance gate to another area.  We never really figured out what this area was, but it was pretty.

Sri Lankans are short.  Steve was constantly ducking to avoid hitting his head.

Cheeky monkey! These monkeys were all over the place in Sri Lanka, basically their version of pigeons or something, and they were almost always doing something worth watching.  This one stole one of the prayer flowers and was pulling it apart or eating it, I'm not sure which.

Another cheeky monkey trying to get into a Milo container.  Apparently monkeys can't resist malted milk either.

Started to rain even harder so we got out the ponchos.  We borrowed these along with the packs we took with us.  They looked amazingly ridiculous, but kept us dry really well.

Looking across Kandy Lake to the temple.

A view of the Queen's Hotel across the lake.  This was one of the most expensive places to stay in Kandy, and from the looks of the inside, was totally not worth all that money.  We ate dinner here one night and drank in their pub one afternoon.

The scalloped barrier around the lake was apparently added by the British.  The lake is man made and basically a valley filled in with water.  The hills rise up from Kandy on pretty much every side of the lake.

Clocktower in downtown Kandy.  This was also the area where all the buses congregated, and man was it hard to figure out which to get on!

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