Italy Day 8: Wrapping it up

One last post about our fabulous time in Florence!

We had so many great meals in Italy, including excellent pastas and pizzas.  It's really not fair that the food there is so good, we both ate way more than we should have.

Relaxing in a park near the Fortezza de Basso.  Originally we wanted to go into the Fort, but it was either closed, or we couldn't find the right entrance so we hung out in a nearby park for awhile (and I took a nap).

They had really cool light fixtures in the park.

There were scads of ducklings motoring around the pond too.  These guys were seriously quick and hard to photograph.

After relaxing in the park, we walked down this nearby stream headed for a few last sights.

We passed a Russian Orthodox church. 

Finally we ended up at

Liberty Plaza

where there are two arches and a big fountain in the middle.

We couldn't get very close to this arch because it was roped off with caution tape, apparently bits and pieces tend to fall off of it.