Italy Day 6: Palazzo Vecchio and the River Arno

These poor pictures have been siting in my computer too long, so we're going back to Italy sharing for a while.

We started our day by walking to the Palazzo Vecchio and the 

piazza della Signoria

 where the David statue copy is located.  Steve liked these metal supported arches, and I thought the statues were a bit creepy.  Several of them were violent/gruesome and there was a lot of awkward hand placement... 

Palazzo Vecchio which was a town hall in old Florence

Hide and seek inside the First Courtyard.

The sky was just lovely the entire trip.  I swear the sky just isn't this blue in Saudi (it really isn't but that's because of all the dust blowing around).

Fake David probably isn't blog-safe, but here he is anyway.  It's culture right?

We then tried to walk towards a nearby bridge to cross the River Arno, and instead ended up at the

Basilica of  Santa Croce

, which is totally the wrong direction for crossing the river.  Alas, things like this happen when you choose to leave the map in your pocket, but we'll chock it up to dumb luck, since we never would have ended up here unless we got lost.

Very beautiful building, despite the sun sitting right behind the building making it hard to even see without that terribly embarrassing squinty face.

Finally on the way to the bridge, we stopped in front of this cool looking building.  We need more buildings like this with huge protruding round rooms!

View from the river Arno.  On the left is the remains of some kind of tower or bridge piece right next to modern buildings and housing.