Kandy: Views from the Train

After several great days in Colombo, we were ready to move on to Kandy.  This was the easiest and nicest train ride we took the whole trip and the only reason it was so much nicer was because it had assigned seating.  We took an early morning intercity train between Colombo and Kandy because it was going to be faster than a train that stopped a bunch along the way.  Almost all of the ticket sales for the train system are done un-electronically so each station has a certain number of tickets they are allowed to sell for each train and class.  Unfortunately, this results in massive overcrowding of the trains, and the intercity train was the only one we took that had any kind of computer booking and as a result wasn't overcrowded one bit.

The train moved surprisingly quickly compared to everything I'd read online, but the scenery was beautiful.

Flood irrigation.

Walking through the fields.

Like I said, the scenery was beautiful.

The scenery from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya was even better, but you'll have to wait a few days to see that.  The train ride only ended up taking a couple hours so we got to Kandy early enough to do some sight seeing that day after we found a place to stay and had a lovely disaster of a time finding the guesthouse.