Colombo: Viharamahadevi Park

Our next stop on our tour through Colombo was the Viharamahadevi Park...yeah, I can't pronounce that either, but it was fun to explore!

After walking around the exterior searching desperately for a way in (most of the gates were chained closed) we finally found the main entrance and were greeted by this sign.  I'm pretty sure the sign is either mistranslated or someone has a really skewed idea of what parks are for!

At one end of the park is the Old Town Hall building, which looked cool against the super moody about to rain clouds.  There were a lot of days that looked like this because of it was monsoon season, but the rain never really lasted very long.  It mostly came in strong short bursts, especially towards the evening hours.

The very large golden Buddha looking out to the town hall.  There was a big scaffolding system set up behind it, but it didn't look like they were actually using it for anything.

More moody clouds

Steve wandering around the park.

The flowers in the park were really pretty and these around the Buddha were really well maintained, which wasn't always the case in other areas of the park.

The park was used by the military during WWII, but I'm not sure if that's what the train tracks were used for or not.  Now they're just abandoned with some old equipment lying around.

An old locomotive left on the tracks.  Maybe a kids play area?

Like many other areas, the park was filled with huge old trees like this.  As a whole the park seemed a little rundown and forgotten; they had really cool old buildings for areas like orchid growing and urban agriculture, but it didn't look like they had been used in years.

There was also a rocking loud mini amusement park next door, but we could not for the life of us find the entrance to it.  We found the exit, but they turned us away pointing vaguely to the entrance.