Back From Traveling

We're back in Saudi Arabia after a long 17 days of travel throughout Sri Lanka, most of which was sans internet.  I wish I could say that our time there was all roses and sunshine, but it was definitely a trip with some issues.  Steve and I both got sick about halfway through the trip forcing us to reevaluate and adjust our plans.  We had hoped to do a good deal of hiking and outdoorsy activities and instead did a lot of sitting by the beach.  The flexibility to continuously change our plans on a whim was different than our other trips and greatly appreciated this time.

I'm amazed at how familiar coming back feels.  All of the airport happenings just seemed routine this time with nothing new and unexpected so it's strange to think that our next airport exit will be the last one.

And because I never actually finished sharing pictures from Italy (and Pisa no less!) I'll toss those in as we share our pictures from Sri Lanka.