Where We Go Next

After three amazing trips, we are starting to plan our next trip.  In less than two weeks, our semester ends and we have 3 ½ weeks of break before summer classes start.  

There were so many options for us to consider.  We got really close to getting great tickets to Barcelona, but that fell through and then we were leaning towards Budapest and Vienna, but the generally high cost of Europe turned us off.

In the end, we settled on 17 days in Sri Lanka.  We figured that this is probably the cheapest time for us to get to Sri Lanka, as it was less than $500 per ticket, and from the US it would easily be 3-4 times that.  Pretty much everything about Sri Lanka is cheaper than Europe, so that helped us add a few more days to our trip.  Sri Lanka is filled with beautiful landscapes and forests which we hope to spend a decent amount of time wandering/hiking through.

Train travel in Sri Lanka is dirt cheap but slow, so that will give us time to enjoy the sights between cities, because we're thinking that we'll try and visit three or four cities on our trip.

This is near Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka which is one of the areas we hope to visit. (

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