Italy Day 4: Part 2

After walking through the Galleria, we wandered towards the Archeological Museum and on the way found a small piece of heaven.

There was an entire street devoted to tents of groups selling chocolates and sweets.  The chocolate molds were tasty looking, and if we hadn’t been stuffed full already, we would have indulged.  We also ran across this cute puppet show.  The mouse was actually dancing to pop music; I think this performance was to some Gaga, but it’s hard to remember.

The Archeological Museum ended up being a flop as they were closing down for the lunch hour (very common in Italy) and we didn’t want to hang around and wait for them to reopen.  We continued our trip by taking the metro down to the canals in the Navigali area.

We also wandered through a nice park, and had a huge battle with a public drinking fountain (it won, not me) in an effort to find the yarn shops of Italy, but then we realized the error of our ways.  It was Sunday, and while this is part of the workweek in Saudi, it is the weekend in Italy, so none of the shops were actually open.

Since we had the metro cards, we headed down to see the Duomo and Galleria again at night.  I really need a tripod that folds up and travels well, because it was fun to shoot at night, but I was limited by where I could prop my camera.