Italy Day 4: Part 1

This was our last full day in Milan, and we definitely made the most of it!  We ended up buying a day pass for the metro so we could hit up a few sights that were farther away.  We did start the day with a sour note, as I realized I had the camera but no memory card after we got to Milan’s Duomo.  In an effort to prevent a very public meltdown, we realized a camera shop was just across the square, so we popped in and got a new card.

They were constructing this dome structure while we were there.

Browsing around the public square was hilarious because the street sellers were on top of their game.  My favorites were the guys handing out handfuls of corn so that tourists could take pictures with pigeons eating from their hand.  On more than one instance, we had guys come up and thrust corn into our uninviting hands.  Steve had a lot of fun messing around with these guys, and if they weren’t so aggressive and bothersome, I might have felt bad.

Next, we wandered over to the Galleria, which I swear I thought was an art gallery.  Turns out it was just a big fancy mall, which was much cooler than art.  It did have a plane made by Piaggio Aero on display.  Steve also had a brief photo shoot with the ever famous knock-off Hello Kitty.