Address System in Florence

Usually knowing addresses while we travel isn’t that important because we tend to locate sites by approximate location on a map, not by the actual address.

For the first time, we did need to find a couple of places by address and it was surprisingly challenging.  I had addresses of several yarn shops in Milan and Florence in hopes that we would be able to find at least one of them.

Finding stores in Milan was no trouble at all; we just made the mistake of trying to go on Sunday, when most shops are closed.  Florence was another matter.  We set out to find stores on a weekday so store hours weren’t going to be a problem.  But it turned out that Florence has a slightly more complicated system.  We noticed that two of the addresses we were looking for had an R after the street number.  The one that didn’t ended up being the only one could find.

After digging around a bit, I found this article which explained that commercial addresses are often listed as #R.   So the street numbers are actually blue for residences and red (R) for commercial buildings.  That means you can have 28 right next to 100R, and that was our problem.  We thought we were looking for the regular address, but we should have been looking at the commercial addresses.

In the end we were still able to find one of the shops and got some yarn and needles to sustain my hobby until August.