Weary Traveler Edition

Whenever we travel I feel a huge pull between recording what we're doing in our travel book, taking pictures, and just enjoying our travel time.  I want to capture the best and funniest parts of our trip, but the capturing aspect takes away time from the trip.  It's a balancing act, and I suppose more practice is in order!

Relaxing in the park behind Castello Sforzesco in Milan

So here's some great interwebs for you guys to mull over until we start expounding on the amazing that is Italy.

For anyone who likes the free books offered by Amazon for the Kindle, there's now an RSS feed to follow the highest downloaded ones.  This is fantastic, and I've already found several new books to read with absolutely no additional work.  (You can also read us with an RSS feed, just click here or the Posts link in the sidebar.)

These streamers from Jordan Ferney are beautiful.  I wanted to make them last week, but vacation and school got in the way.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a way to make these the new apartment decor because perhaps it's time the Valentine's hearts come down.

Jersey knit bracelets from Vanessa also look like a really quick and fun craft, but alas I'm not sure where I'd find some jersey knit in KSA.  Maybe, just maybe I'll browse around in Florence the next few days to see if I can find a bit.

And, here's another adorable craft just in time for Easter, plush peep bunnies.  Perhaps there's someone back home willing to make me one of these super cute little bunnies.  Our Easter will not so sadly be peep free, but please don't think that's a bad thing; the only good part about peeps is sticking them in the microwave.

Finally, we may not be making our way to Rome, but you should go check out this gorgeous photo of the Colosseum by Andrei Olariu.