Tragic Losses

Our trip led to two losses one major, the other minor.

The first was the death of Steve’s Kindle.  He accidently dropped it from the bedside table to the floor and the screen is a garbled mess.  This is a big loss because we use our Kindles all the time and getting a new one in Saudi isn’t possible because Amazon won’t ship them here.  For the last couple of weeks we’ve been sharing mine, which seems to be working well for now.

I’m so disappointed that the Kindle broke so easily because it’s a very easy accident to have.  Amazon has a video of a drop test, but I don’t think it’s very accurate if they are really so easily broken.

Loss number two was my fault as I accidently left my hat on the train from Milan to Malpensa.  In the end, it’s not a huge loss because I probably won’t need a hat again until fall and by that time we should be settled into the US.

Rocking my long lost hat at the Cairo Airport while waiting for our flight to Athens.

Not all was perfect in Italy, but these losses certainly didn't ruin our trip.

I bet you all thought this was going to be about William being single no more...