Singing the Praises of Daylight Savings Time

Now that the US and Europe have switched over to their daylight savings time, it's time for me to be very, very jealous.  Saudi Arabia doesn't have Daylight Savings Time and it's ridiculous that they don't.  On campus, sunset is just shy of 6:30pm and it's dark shortly thereafter.  I didn't realize what a difference this made until we got here to Italy, where the time change was last Sunday.  Here, we've been able to wander around and enjoy the evening more since it doesn't get completely dark until after 8 pm.

Darkness falling over Milan, much later than in Saudi Arabia

It's only an extra hour and a half, but the difference is completely noticable, especially on days where I work in the library until late, as it's getting dark on my way home.  It also exaggerates our poor interior lighting, since we have to flip on the lights pretty early in the evening.

Even though agriculture or some bunk was the reason DST started, it is so nice to be able to enjoy long light summer (ok spring technically) evenings outside.

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