Pack and Move

From when we left Saudi Arabia until we got back, we packed and moved five times in nine days.  Part of this was because we chose to visit both Milan and Florence, and part was because our hotel reservation got lost, so we had to move an additional two times.

All of this extra packing and moving was a huge hassle for our hotel switch because we had to check out of Hotel A early, but couldn’t check into Hotel B until later in the day.   That meant we also had to store our luggage at the hotel twice.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t any way to avoid this in future travels, since all of the extra effort was a result of the lost reservation.  I hope that our next trip will give us enough time in each city to not have to fuss too much over packing.  Cairo was nice because we spent nine days in the same spot, so there wasn't any extra fussing.  This could have been a lot worse if we had more luggage with us, but we only had one rolling carry on, my purse, and Steve’s backpack.  I was so grateful that we chose to travel light!

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