Italy: Day 1

We have another glorious trip to tell you about, and we will be doing it day by day, just like with our Athens trip.  Getting ready to leave Saudi Arabia was much more laid back than our last two trips.  We basically know exactly what to pack for our travels at this point, so most of it got done the day before we left.

Our first day was mostly travel, with our flight leaving about 2300 from Jeddah.  The Jeddah airport was packed again with travelers coming and going from pilgrimages.  Thankfully, we got through with relatively little trouble and made it to our flight on time. We had another layover in Cairo where we bought into the VIP lounge for some much needed sleep before heading out for Milan where we arrived around one in the afternoon. Well, that isn't really true, we landed in Malpensa and took a one hour train ride to Milan. The Malpensa airport was a big mess of construction, so we didn't take any pictures, but the Milan train station was a beautiful marble hall with a vaulted glass ceiling.

 We went straight to the hotel, which involved getting rather turned around for awhile trying to figure out what street we were on. We had a little bit of trouble after we got to the hotel, because they had lost our reservation!  The room was available for three of the four nights, but we had to go stay at another hotel on the third night in Milan. It was called a one star hotel, but it seemed pretty much just like a hostel to us.  The biggest hassle with the lost reservation was having to move luggage and unpack so many times.

Dinner was great, but we ate pretty early so we had the entire restaurant to ourselves.  We both got pizza, but the menu was only in Italian so we had to guess at the toppings we were picking!

Exhausted from the traveling, we zonked out early in preparation for our first full day in Milan.