Does Traveling Affect Home Cooking?

Since we've gotten back from two trips, I've started to notice a disturbing trend when we settle back in at home.  We're much less gung ho about cooking at home.  It wasn't as bad after we visited Cairo, because honestly we were sick of eating out.  It was harder to find restaurants that had vegetarian options and even challenging to find non traditional options, so by the time we got home we craved home cooked meals.  But we still didn't go out of our way to make them.  All of the amazing food we ate in Athens made this especially bad when we got home.

This is especially disturbing since there aren't really any healthy options for dining out on campus, so when we eat out, it's usually junk like pizza.

I've gotten a bit better in the few weeks before Italy; by trying to focus on making favorite recipes instead of trying new ones that might not turn out as well and also by sticking in some easy dinners like pancakes or spaghetti it's been easier to get into the kitchen.  We've also tried to keep more snacks like yogurt in the fridge, in hopes that a quick snack will give us enough of a boost to whip something together instead of going out because we're already hungry.

Since we're fully expecting the food in Italy to be just as good as it was in Athens, I already know it will be hard to go back to cooking our own meals when we get back to campus.  Lately we've made several great recipes, which are all worth checking out and didn't take long to make:

The Perfect Pancake Recipe

Sour Cream Enchiladas with Homemade Enchilada Sauce

Mexican Casserole

Pizza Stuffed Pretzels

Check them out, I guarantee they are all tasty!