Weekend Wednesday

Another week has gone by here in Saudi and I'm both glad and sad to say that all of my classwork is starting to pick up and I'm getting a bit busy.  Sadly I'm also getting a bit dull, as I'm not doing much outside of classwork and reading.  But I did a ton of reading in February. So far in 2011, I've read 13 books and abandoned two others. That's almost a book and a half each week!  Even worse, consider that two of those books were from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, which easily run 800+ pages.  Reading is one of the few hobbies I can easily continue here, so it's no surprise that I do it so much.  Maybe this is okay, because if I had knitting needles here, it wouldn't really do anyone any good if I knitted a hundred scarves and hats.

Anyway, point is, I haven't been the most interesting person to read about lately, but I've managed to get invited to three! parties this weekend, so maybe that'll spice up my life.  The first is a female only costume party tomorrow night, and the other two are birthday parties; one for a friend of Steve and one for a friend of mine.  I'm not sure I'm excited about the costume party, but I'm trying really hard to convince myself that some female bonding time will be worthwhile.

Next week starts a four week string where I have a midterm on three of the four weeks.  Thankfully, by the time this round of exams is over, it'll be time for spring break!

We are officially going to Milan and Florence and will be spending 3-4 days in each city.  I had really wanted to go to Rome, but the flight was a bit more expensive, and Rome as a whole seemed like it would be more expensive.  But I'm convinced we'll make it back there in the future; I'd love to see Vatican City, though I'm not really sure why.

This is the first trip where we'll be splitting our time between multiple cities, so we're hoping it'll be enough time for each city.  Going to Florence holds a new experience for us, as it'll be the first time we spend an extended period in a city with no metro.  We did a day trip to Alexandria when we were in Cairo, and getting around Alex with no metro was quite challenging, so hopefully Florence will go a bit smoother.

If the multi destination trip works out, maybe we'll do it again in our future trips.

Hope everyone has a lovely end of the week as we enjoy our weekend.