Traveling that Vacation Road

We're off to the airport again tonight, this time headed for Italy and specifically Milan, Florence, and Pisa.  With any luck it will be much smoother than when we left for Egypt and take less time than when we left for Athens.

Every time we've left, it's been for a late night or early morning flight.  This time we're flying out around 3:30 am and will get to Milan around 1:30 in the afternoon.  I think this works great because it gets us started on our trip a bit earlier than waiting until the next morning, and you don't waste a whole day traveling only to arrive at your destination after everything is closed for the night.  This gives us a chance to do a bit of brief site seeing tomorrow afternoon, without having a whole day lost to travel.  On the other hand, it does usually result in a poor night of sleep, which probably isn't the best way to start a nine day vacation.

Either way, we're on our way to this: