Different Ways to Travel

There are so many different ways to travel.  You can go solo, big groups, organized travel groups, backpacking, posh living, cruising, and many more.  I was chatting with some of my classmates before class the other day and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is another group of students who are traveling to Italy over spring break.  We are both flying into Milan, but sadly on different flights, and we were discussing our various destinations and ran into a huge difference in travel style.

I mentioned that we were going to spend four days in Milan and then four days in Florance and the first reaction I got was that this was ridiculous and unnecessary because four days in Milan was just too much.  I was taken aback by this as I wasn't expecting to have our travel plans critiqued and deemed inadequate, but after talking more, I'm content with our plan.

It turns out that they are going to vising both Milan and Florence as well as Rome, Venice, and Padua in nine days.  I'm assuming it's nine and that they aren't skipping classes on either end of the break to extend it, which is incredibly common here.  That ends up being less than two days in each city and a lot of traveling in between.  I think it would be way too rushed for my style.  I don't want to simply check cities or countries off some predefined list of awesome travel destinations.  I want to see more than just the typical two or three sightseeing spots in a city before rushing off to whatever is next.  Something similar happened in Athens, when one of our roommates suggested that there was absolutely no way to fill two weeks in Athens. (Turns out he was wrong.)  WhyGo Italy even has a two week itinerary for those who still need suggestions or don't like planning.

It all comes down to differing preferences and travel style and I don't think either can inherently be called wrong.  Despite that, it didn't prevent another student from chiming in that my travel preference was a result of my being married!  I have no idea why being married would be the primary influence on my travel style as opposed to my actual feelings about it.  So while married people can't go rush around Europe, I'll be enjoying nine days in Italy.

If you want to check out some great pictures of Florence and Pisa, Everything Everywhere has a couple of fantastic photo galleries you should check out!

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