Broken Windows

Floor to ceiling windows look fantastic and let in a ton of natural light, so it shouldn't be surprising that the designers used them on campus wherever possible.  Almost every exterior window in the academic buildings, research buildings, library, and dining hall are floor to ceiling windows.  Now, the only downside is that some one will some how manage to break them.  So far, we've had three separate windows break, all of them in the library.  

Two broken windows on the ground floor of the library.  These have been broken since the fall.

Downside of a poorly trained maintenance staff is that they probably don't know how to fix them and don't have the materials to do so.  Given how long they've been broken, I'm probably not wrong.

This window is on the first floor of the library over looking the harbor.

Broken glass is pretty.

We're pretty sure the glass panes aren't load bearing because of the large floor to ceiling columns, so their either breaking because they were installed incorrectly (very likely) or because they are smashed with large awkward objects (like moving around ladders tall enough to reach the ceiling).