Why I Love Campus

I spend a decent amount of time griping about campus, so here's a little Valentine's Day antecedent about why being on campus is awesome.

Every week the cinema on campus shows two new movies.  Usually at least one is an American film, and this week they were showing Tron, which Steve has wanted to see since he found out about it.  At 5:48 pm, we checked the movie schedule online and realized the movie started in twelve minutes.  So we grabbed our new jackets (part of the amazing February Christmas miracle) and rode over to the theater.  We bought our tickets ($1.33 each), got popcorn and a drink for each of us because we hadn't eaten dinner ($2 each), and still managed to have time to go to the bathroom before the movie started.  So aside from only costing $6.67, we went from couch to stadium seating in twelve minutes.

That is exactly why I dread returning to the American commute.  My twelve minute bike and walk commute to class is just too nice.

Hope everyone had a chocolate filled holiday, and if you didn't the sales start soon!