Kitty on a Walk & Kitty Air Freshener

With all the terrible driving and feral cats around, we were very reluctant to let Algebra (our cat) outside at all. But we thought it might be good for her to stretch her legs, smell some new smells, chase some grasshoppers: experience the outdoors in general.

At first, we would just carry her outside and hold her the whole time. We were forced to do this two or three times due to fire alarms (false alarms). This was fun, but Algie really wanted to be on the ground, roaming and sniffing.

Abby wanted to train her to walk on a leash, which I thought was a bit silly. So we slowly introduced her to a new, tighter collar and a nice matching leash. She has picked it up pretty well, but she still refuses to be lead; she has to do the leading.

After her most recent foray into the wilderness, she started acting strangely, and we were worried that she might have picked up fleas. So I picked up some squeeze on flea and tick repellent for about $12 for four months worth. The only brand available was Sergeant's Green brand, which is all natural. It has peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, and clove oil and boy does it smell strongly. It is as pungent as those aroma oils that you are supposed to use with reed diffusers. Forget motion activated, fan powered, plug in air fresheners: we have an air freshener that follows us from room to room!

Now for some adorable pictures:

A little bit worried peaking around the corner of our apartment building.

Walking a kitten: very manly.

Kitty must sniff EVERYTHING!

Playing in the gardens outside the back porch.

She was very hesitant to walk out into the street.

Hopefully, she either doesn't have fleas or this new medicine will knock them right out so she can get back out into the wild!