Saudi Oger gives me an answer!

As you may, or may not, know, I have been trying to get work here on campus for quite a while. So far, I have been talking to Saudi Oger, which appears to have been a mistake. About three and a half months ago I went in to start my training for the position of Lab Coordinator. Everyone assured me that I would have a contract worked out within a week or two. I worked/trained for three days before I decided that I would rather have a contract before putting in nine hours a day, six days a week.

I submitted my application on the second day of work/training, so I figured I would only have to wait a week for my offer. I ended up waiting two months to get the offer, and that was with me calling at least once a week, often more like once a day, to push things along. When they finally sent me an offer it was for 12 months of work at about $7.50 per hour. While the pay rate would have been insulting anyways, I simply couldn't work for 12 months. I could have if they had gotten me an offer in a timely manner, but not after so much delay. I sent back my comments, and waited some more. And I called and I called. Now, more than a month later, I have an answer! They said that it was just not worth it to hire a person for eight months, especially since it would take them another month or two to work out the details, and by that time I would only be able to work six or seven months.

Needless to say, it has not been a good experience. I have another company that I am going to start trying to get work with now, and hopefully, as they are run out of the United States, they won't have the same issues as Saudi Oger.

I should say that I am not totally surprised by this whole ordeal with Saudi Oger. We have disappointing experiences such as this almost continuously here in Saudi Arabia, and it seems to be mostly just a cultural difference. It seem to be a difference between individuals taking responsibly for their own work and not having to be badgered to get things done. It isn't completely their fault, the flow of business here just seems to go much more slowly; no one seems to mind if things never get done.