Getting Ready for the New Year

We're celebrating the New Year from Athens this year.  We've had some fun and exciting experiences in 2010, so much so that it could easily be called the year of travel. In May we got married and I graduated with my Bachelor's degree, I went to Mexico over the Fourth of July weekend, we honeymooned in St. Martin (the Dutch and French sides) in late July, we moved to Saudi Arabia in August which included going back to school, traveled to Cairo in November and now Athens we're spending the end of the year in Athens.  We are so grateful to have had such a wonderful adventure filled year, and can only hope that 2011 will continue to bring us happiness and good fortune.

We aren't certain what 2011 will bring; hopefully there will be a job for Steve in the coming weeks, a graduation later in the year, and then a move back to the US, relatively near our family, but only time will tell.

Until then, I've got one semester left plus a summer session of research before graduation, and we potentially have two more major opportunities for traveling.  It's hard to say where we'll go at this point, but another trip to Europe wouldn't be out of the question, although South East Asia holds a lot of potential too.  Any suggestions would sincerely be welcome!