Athens: Day 8

On this day we finally made it out of Athens, and down to Cape Sunion to see the Temple of Posiedon.

Before we left we bought delicious sandwiches from BaBaReeBa a deli shop near the hostel to take with us. This turned out to be a great decision, because the one restaurant at Cape Sunion was super overpriced, no surprise. It was a bit of a walk to the bus terminal from Omonoia (aka Omonia), because the Victoria metro station was closed. It also took a bit of time to figure out that we payed for the tickets during the bus ride instead of before getting on the bus; the bus terminal was not nearly as nice as the metro stations. We took the coastal route to Sunion, which was good and bad. The views of the sea and all the islands were very pretty; this was probably the most beautiful part of our entire trip. However, both of us were hit pretty hard by the motion sickness because the bus weaves and dips almost constantly as it hugs the shore.  Thankfully, Abby slept most of the way down to the cape and only had minor problems as we approached the cape.

The entire area was absolutely beautiful.

Little pigeons hung out near the temple, probably to get food from tourists.

Part of an old wall used to protect the area.

Abby and the Temple of Poseidon. (Potential future blockbuster?)

Steve posing with the temple.

There were lots of blocks sitting around the base of the temple.  The temple hasn't held up super well compared to some in Athens, but it was still pretty.

It also was right on the edge of a pretty steep drop off to the sea.  Definitely didn't want to fall down that hill!

It was a bit chillier here than in Athens, so we decided to take the inland bus which left earlier than the coastal bus.  Overall, the ride home was much smoother, although we did end up sitting in a ship yard parking lot for about 30 minutes for no apparent reason.

After we got back in Athens we went to our favorite restaurant again: Diva Pizza! We strongly recommended it to anyone visiting the city; they have great food, pretty good prices, and good service. It is located between the Acropolis station and the Sigma Fix station. Their pizzas are amazing, and their pasta is superb. We ate there three or four times, we loved it so much.

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