Athens: Day 6

We had a lot of fun this day.  The night before we had franticly Facebook messaged with a friend from school who was going to be passing through.  We started off walking through the Ancient Agora, killing time until we headed to the Syntagma metro station where we were going to meet our friend who had a big Athens layover.  Unfortunately, her flight ended up being significantly delayed, and it was absolutely pouring in the afternoon, but despite this, it was still a great day.

Disassembled column in the Agora.

Beautiful little church in the Agora.

Huge pile of stones that were part of the buildings of the Ancient Agora.  I'm guessing that they don't know where they belong, so they store them all together in huge piles.  This was pretty common at many of the archeological sites.

The Agora was an administrative and mercantile center of the city, with many very large buildings. There were public baths, and even a water clock. In the picture below you can see the reddish porous stones that formed a sort of foundations for one of the stoas.

Steve walking through the Agora.

Little church tucked in among the cute houses and lush greenery.

Finally a visit to the Temple of Hephaistos, which we'd seen from above on several occasions. Note the curvature of the columns' profile, called entasis.

Posing in front of the temple

I loved this headless statue.  The details are impressive and the stance is so expressive.

A tripod pillar, which is so different than all of the other columns and pillars we saw in Athens.

In the afternoon, we spent some time hanging out in the metro station watching the umbrella sellers avoid the metro security, and then ducked into a little cafe for some excellent drinks when it decided to absolutely start pouring.

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