Athens: Day 3 Part 2

This day was broken into two parts because there were just a ton of great pictures. Besides the sites on the Acropolis, it is a really good place to look down onto the other sites.

The south-eastern corner of the Parthenon.

Looking down at what I think was a temple to the god Asclepius.

The Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus. Notice the metal rail used to move blocks around during the restoration.

The new Acropolis Museum.  The entire top floor showcases copies and original friezes of the Parthenon.

Some suave gent. It was quite chilly, so I usually wore a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt, and my sweater.

A view looking towards Lycavittos Hill.

The Temple of Zeus. Notice the drum construction made obvious on the fallen column.  The column actually fell during a big storm in the 1800s and they decided to preserve it as it fell.

View of the Temple of Hephaistos.  Abby really enjoyed taking pictures of this from above.

When we had done a complete circuit of the Acropolis we descended again and walked around to the north slope of the Acropolis. There are numerous sites of interest around the base of the rock. There was a well and a few caves, and places where ancient roads or walls were slightly visible. It was very peaceful, Abby and I were practically alone, except for the occasional stray dog.

Abby in front of one of the big caves on the Acropolis Hill.

Another great view looking over the city.

The Areopagus (the big rock) was an important gathering area in ancient times as well at the location of the court where they tried criminals. Now, it's popular climbing location for tourists.  We walked all the way around to the west end again, and from there walked past the Odeon on our way back to the hostel.

In front of the Odeon of Herodus Atticus.

Some kind of Church. I really couldn't tell you which one, but it was pretty, so we snapped a picture.

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