On Our Way Once Again

We're on our way again to another foreign location.  Last time we left we were headed to Cairo, and this time our trip to Athens will leave us with a bit of a layover in Cairo.  Considering that we're only traveling about 1500 miles as the crow flies, we're going to end up spending about 22 hours traveling.

We were hoping to have gotten a package by now filled with some heavier duty clothes, but since 5-7 days has turned into 2+ weeks, we're going to hit the mall in Jeddah to see if we can scrape together enough to keep us warm.

With any luck, we'll have a smoother time getting through the Jeddah airport, because last time was just sheer insanity.

We've got a pet sitter coming each day to take care of Algie while we're gone, but we sure are going to miss the little tyke.

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