Making a Christmas in Saudi

Christmas isn't a holiday that is typically celebrated over here so we were surprised to see some decorations and small fake trees show up in the campus supermarket.  Despite my amazing collection of homemade ornaments that I've been collecting since elementary school, here in Saudi, we're starting from scratch.  We don't have a Hobby Lobby or other crafty type place to go to get all of our crafty goodness, so we're making due with what we can find at the ever amazing Danube, Saeco, and a few stores on campus.  I found some crafts that look pretty easy and will add a lot of holiday cheer to our apartment.

We were able to find:

glass paint
wrapping paper
glitter - tons of glitter
colored paper
modeling clay
bead ropes
fold out stars
Christmas lights

Here are the projects I've worked on so far, and there will be more coming during Make It, Bake It, Do It!

Paper Drops
Stacked Tree
Paper Evergreens
Paper Tabletop Trees
Wrapping Paper Stars

Most of the decorations I found online are from Martha Stewart and Disney's Family Fun.

Since our decorated season is going to be pretty short, I'm considering leaving the decorations up through January.  I love Christmas and the winter, so who says we can't celebrate it in the desert!